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Rwenzori Economic and Development Unit (REDU) is a community-based organization engaged in various development initiatives –like handcraft activities, childsponsorship programme, tourism, soil and water conservation, small scale agriculture and other income generating activities. The organization was founded in Jan. 2008 with a group of thirty concerned individuals who saw the need to engage the community in various development initiatives so as to cause a desired positive change in the lives of the people. The idea to start the organization was conceived by Mumbere Samson while a student who later mobilized his community members. The members realized that there is inadequacy and lack of maximum utilization of natural resources by the public especially the community in the Rwenzori Region. The area is faced with challenges of unemployment, low incomes and high HIV infections especially among the youths and the women. The bid to come up with this organization is notably due to the above mentioned challenges and appreciating that women are most affected both directly and indirectly.


Objectives (a) To equip communities with skills and methods of waste management at household level as a way to conserve the environment. (b) To diversify income generating activities for the communities using the available resource (c) To empower and equip women with skills in handcraft making and so as to alleviate their economic status in the communities they live (d) To engage communities in primary health care activities so as to improve the quality of life people live (e) To engage the youths, women and men in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


Mission To ensure positive utilization of the natural resources and reduce on external dependence and handouts in order to fight poverty, disease and ignorance among individual members and the community as a whole.


Vision Create a healthy society free from extreme poverty and able to meet their basics in life.


Membership. The organization shall have a limited number of members and more than a half of whom shall be women who shall be committed to ensuring that the organization achieves its mission and objectives. Membership shall be open to rural peasants who shall be Ugandans and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of shs10,000 (Ten thousand shillings). The association shall have a seven member executive committee and at least four of them should be women.


Location Nyakabugha village, Ibanda parish, Bugoye s/county, Kasese district



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