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Central Circuit - 7 days - Starting at $1393 USD pp

The traditional trail in Rwenzori (7-8 days, sleeping in huts)

Day 1: Ibanda - Nyabitaba Hut (2650m)

Day 2. Nyabitaba Hut - John Matte Hut (3350m)

Day 3. John Matte Hut - Bujuku Hut (3962m)

Day 4. Bujuku Hut - Elena Hut (4430m)

Day 5. Elena Hut - Mt. Margherita (5109m) - Lake Kitandara Hut (4023)

Day 6. Lake Kitandara Hut - Guy Yeoman Hut (3261m)

Day 7. Guy Yeoman Hut - Nyabitaba Hut

Day 8. Nyabitaba Hut - Ibanda

This route used to be the most hiked in Rwenzori. Due to overcrowding in the huts new routs have been established on other locations in the mountains. This option can be extended with a day or two to better adapt to the altitude. RRHA recommends 8 days with a resting day at Lake Bujuku on day 5.

Starting at $1393 USD Per Person - BOOK NOW

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