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REDU - Education Project

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Helping children affected by HIV / AIDS, vulnerable children,  youths and  women empowerment, are  the main  project of our organization. Uganda is among the developing countries. It is one of the countries where its population is seriously affected by Aids. And as well as this disease has led many families to remain poor because one parent dies, the power to increase family income declines significantly.

This project involves children with HIV / AIDS as well as all vulnerable children or children in need. (orphans and vulnerable children). What we are doing is to identify the needy children and to fill their information in a special  form, photography and request  people to help these children learn like other children. The major needs of these children are school clothes, dresses, food, school fees, books, notebooks, food and shoes. The most difficult problem for us is providing food for children at school.

If it was not for RWENZORI ECONOMIC AND DEVELOPMENT UNIT to help these children, today they would be on the street.

We have 50+ children who are studying secondary. For us this is a great success as an NGO. Our children need reliable donors! When child’s tuition fees are not paid on time, a child is returned home until school fee can be paid.

Our main challenge is lack of enough resources to support the children as most of them do not have reliable donors. With all the strengths in knowing that, when we stop doing this project, many children will leave school and thus fail to reach their dreams

SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY! For only $50 USD per year you can make sure kids in need have access to the support they need. Please Donate.

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